My “Gilmore Girls” Revival Watch Party

And by ‘party’, I mean: I got up at 6 a.m. Friday morning to binge-watch all four episodes with my mom. And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

For about 11 years now, my mom and I have been avid viewers of “Gilmore Girls”. We have watched every episode of this show at least ten times over and we still, to this day, record the syndicated episodes of the show that run on Freeform (previously ABC Family). We own every box set, countless little knickknacks related to the show, we’ve visited WB Studios in Burbank – where the show was primarily filmed – multiple times, and we’re known to quote the show regularly. Needless to say, my mom and I are dedicated fans of the show. Therefore, when news of the Netflix revival came to light, I instantly texted my mom in a hysteria of excitement about plans for how we would watch. Once Netflix announced that the episodes would drop on Thanksgiving weekend, that just made our plans all the easier.

In preparation for our little watch party, my mom and I began our search for the perfect Gilmore-themed decor needed to complete our binge-watching experience.

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One of the first decorative pieces I bought for our watch party was this beautiful Stars Hollow poster that I found in WindowShopGal‘s Etsy shop. What made this purchase even better was the included “Stars Hollow History Museum” letter, written by Mr. Taylor Doose himself, that highlighted the town’s hilariously colorful history.

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I also could not resist buying this amazing winter-themed Stars Hollow poster (also from WindowShopGal on Etsy), which ended up complementing “Winter” perfectly!

While the two Stars Hollow posters were excellent focal points in our watch party decorating, I could not help but to add even more Gilmore-themed printables to decorate our living room even more.

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From left to right: I got the ‘Where you lead, I will follow’ printable from this post, the adorable winter carnival poster came with the winter-themed Stars Hollow poster above, and the ‘Oy, with the poodles already!’ printable came from this blog.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset did an amazing post on how to plan your own Gilmore revival party, which is where I was able to secure both the ‘I’m 99% sure I’m a Gilmore girl’ & ‘I’d rather be at Stars Hollow’ printables. As for the awesome ‘You’ve Been Gilmored’ sign, that came from BrenDid!

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Last, but not certainly not least, for signage I had to include the iconic “No cell phones” sign from Luke’s. A necessity at any Gilmore-themed party, in my opinion. I was able to secure this printable from the GilmoreGears Etsy shop.

Once my mom and I were able to secure all of the Gilmore signage that we deemed necessary for our decor, we moved on to the most important subject in our party planning (and any party planning, to be honest): the menu.

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We knew that in order to make our Gilmore-themed party truly authentic, we had to include all of the Gilmore girl movie night staples. This included: red vines, donuts (we went with the mini version), Mallomars, Pop-Tarts, and marshmallows.

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You may notice the Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe goodies in the photo above. Those were a happy addition that we received from my brother and his girlfriend, who were both lucky enough to attend “The Festival of the Four Seasons” that Netflix hosted at UCLA on November 19th and 20th. Since my mom and I were unable to go, my brother and his girlfriend were nice enough to bring us back some souvenirs, which made great, authentic additions to our watch party set-up!

In addition to our Gilmore girl snack staples, my mom and I also attempted to cook up our own version of a Luke’s Diner breakfast.

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The food made for a great companion with my coffee (mom’s a tea drinker), which you see pictured in the featured photo up there. The adorable “It’s a Gilmore girls type of day” mug that held my coffee came from Pick Me Cup’s Etsy shop.

In addition to our coffee and tea and snacks, my mom and I were also staying hydrated with these perfectly-themed skinny tumblers, also found on Etsy over at GirlMeetsGinger’s shop.

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Our tumblers went perfectly with the Gilmore-themed cork coasters that we, again, found on Etsy. Our set of four came with ones for: Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, Al’s Pancake World, and Taylor’s Soda Shoppe. I will probably be using these coasters for the rest of my life because they’re adorable.

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As for other theme-appropriate decor, my mom and I came across Pick Me Cup’s amazing Gilmore-themed soy candles on their Etsy shop.

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The ‘You’ve Been GILMORED!’ is my personal favorite. It smells incredible. I also noticed in a more recent browse that this Etsy shop now has Gilmore-themed bath bombs and revival-themed candles, which all look so amazing!

Did I also mention how cute/fun this Gilmore bingo game that posted was?

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The funny thing is, I want to say that this photo was taken of my board after the end of “Winter”. I just about managed to black-out the whole board by the end of “Fall”.

With all of these things combined, I can confirm that my mom and I had the perfect environment to watch the four new episodes in. Our viewing was made especially cozy in our matching Gilmore shirts from Redbubble, who I can say has one of the best customer service teams I have ever had the pleasure of cooperating with. I had initially ordered the wrong size in one of the shirts, and when I went to set up a return form, the customer service representative told me to not worry about sending back the wrong size shirt, a new one in the right size would be on its way the next day! Their fantastic customer service has definitely made Redbubble a favorite site of mine.

Since I seem to be running the risk of gushing about favorite sites and Etsy shops, I figure I should end my blog post here. Thanks to our careful planning, and the wonderfully creative minds of people in the Gilmore fan community, November 25th, 2016 went down as a day to remember for my mom and me. As for my thoughts about the actual episodes, I loved it all. I laughed, I cried, I gasped, and I enjoyed every second of it. “Winter” and “Fall” were my favorites, which was to be expected because I’ve always been partial to Amy Sherman-Palladino’s voice. I keep finding myself wishing I could watch it all again for the first time. Ultimately, I do not think that they could have done it any better – although maybe with a little less Logan? (sorry, I’m a Jess girl through and through).

Now, whether you read this post all the way through, or you read one sentence and thought, ‘what, is she hoping to get paid for this?’ — Thank you, your time is well-appreciated. Copper boom.

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