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DIY: Upcycling Starbucks Holiday Cups

Alright, so we’re all in agreement that the Starbucks red cups are at their cutest this year, right? I hope so because if not – disclaimer – this DIY is not for you.

Once I obtained my first red cup of the season, I really couldn’t find it in me to just throw the cup away. Therefore, I came up with a way to simply upcycle the cup. From there, I got two more of the cups with different designs and I got to work.


This DIY is actually fairly simple. All you will need is:

  • However many of the cups you want to upcyle
  • Thumbtacks and/or a needle
  • Cool white fairy lights (or any other portable lighting option of your choice)

Once I gathered up my necessities, I began the tedious work of poking holes into the cup designs with one of my thumbtacks.


This part was admittedly the more grueling bit of my little DIY project, as I knew that I wanted to poke a hole in each of the little dots in each design – which turned out to be many little dots.

After a good chunk of time was spent alternating between a thumbtack and a needle (for the smaller dots) poking holes into each of my three cups, I was done.

My next step was the fun part of the project – putting the fairy lights into the cups.


This part can be done in any way you may see fit. For myself, I chose to poke larger holes into the back of each cup and then proceeded to pull portions of the fairy light string into each cup until a even amount of string was left between each cup. Given that I used a string with 50 lights on it, and I wanted the cups closer together, each cup had a fairly significant bunch pulled into it. I also went with cool white lights because I felt that they went better with the white lids of the cups. I would also personally recommend using twinkling fairy lights if you’re able to get them, because the twinkling effects really step up the entire lighting display.

Once I found myself with an even amount of string between each cup, I then proceeded to wrap those loose bits around each of the cups in order to pull the cups closer together. I also may have cheated on this portion of the project because I ended up scotch-taping bits of the string to the cups in order to ensure their placement on each cup.

Once I sorted out the placement of the light string, I was left with my final product – which, I must say, I was very happy with.


I have the cups on display on top of a shelf, and the twinkling effect goes so well with the designs on the cups. My fairy lights also came with a timer setting, which just makes it all the more convenient in terms of decoration. Overall, I think that this may be my favorite holiday decoration this year.

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