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A New Spin on Cut-Out Cookies

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally am not the biggest fan of the typical cut-out sugar cookie. As cute as the shapes and decorations may be, I just can’t get past how bland I find the taste of a sugar cookie to be. Therefore, I decided that this year I would find an alternative that would still give me the classic aesthetic of a cut-out cookie with a much better taste. To find this alternative, I obviously decided to take to the internet and found myself on the blog The Kitchen is my Playground. On her lovely site, I found a recipe for Lemon-Glazed Butter Cookies, which sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I usually love all things lemon-flavored, so this was a great find.


Not only was I pleased to find that the cookies looked delicious, but the recipe was fairly easy to execute. The buttery dough made it super easy to make the cut-out shapes with, and I found that I had no problem separating the dough from my cookie cutters.


Side note: I got my Wilton snowman cookie cutter as a part of a Christmas gift this year and it worked excellently with this recipe. Not only was the dough easy to work with, but the lemon glaze I applied to the cookies after cooling was even easier to make.


I had never used a glaze on cookies before and it was so cool to watch it harden into a shiny coating. I even put my own Christmasy spin on this recipe by adding red and green sugar sprinkles on top of each glazed cookie. (I may have gone a little overboard on the green ones, oops!)


Overall, I was quite proud of how my cookies turned out. I didn’t have to deal with any major mishaps, which is obviously always a plus when baking, and they tasted just as amazing as expected. All in all, this recipe was A+ and will be going into my annual Christmas baking inventory. For the recipe itself, head over to The Kitchen is my Playground‘s site; she has a bunch more amazing recipes where this came from.


I hope you enjoyed this post about my latest baking endeavor. Next, I’ll be making my Oreo snowballs that I make up every year for my family, so you can expect to see the recipe for that up on here in a couple of days. Happy Holidays!

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