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DIY: Christmas Gift Wrap

Each year I try to step up my gift wrapping game just a little more. Last year, I began using plain brown packing paper as the base wrap for my presents and dressed them up with fancy ribbon and gift tags. This year, I wanted to take my brown, minimalistic packing paper aesthetic to the next level.



Inspired by Zoella’s gift wrapping ideas blog post from last year, I went ahead and purchased some Christmasy stamps to help personalize each gift I wrapped. My favorite stamp was the giant snowflake I got from an Etsy shop.


I also had fun personalizing each gift according to the person I gave it to. For example, the gift above is covered with quotes from A Christmas Story, my brother Andrew’s favorite Christmas movie. I even stamped the side of the gift with a stamp that said “Fragile” to go along with the theme. I bought the cool, retro “Fragile” stamp from another Etsy shop, who was nice enough to also send along several little bonus gifts, which included a multi-sided stamp personalized with my initials.


I alternated between stamping some gifts with my own Christmasy patterns, and writing Christmas song lyrics or Christmas quotes on each gift. The gift above was for my younger cousin, Ashley, and I wrote out the entire intro to How the Grinch Stole Christmas on her paper. While this was obviously a bit more time-consuming, it was well worth it in the end to see how nicely it turned out.


In addition to the base wrapping decoration, to keep all of the gifts within a similar theme, I topped each one off with red and white twine and gold string. The sticker gift tags seen in the photo above came from the dollar section at Target, and I found the gold and black gift tags seen in the other photos came from Jo-Ann Craft and Fabrics.



Overall, I just wanted to share my own gift wrap photos in the hopes that it inspires someone else next year (or this year, if you’re still celebrating the holiday!) like Zoella’s post did for me. While it may seem like it was tedious work, all of the personalizations just made wrapping that much more fun for me this year. Now I just have to figure out how to top myself next year…

Happy Holidays to all who celebrated/are celebrating!


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