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9 Affordable Summer Faves

Hey there, long time no post! After an impromptu hiatus from posting on here, I decided that it was time to get back into the swing of things and resurrect my poor blog. I have spent the last month planning some blog posts, and I decided that I would start off my return to this site with a post filled with my summer faves and essentials. What makes this even better is that everything in this post can be bought a reasonable price, which is something I always like to hear whenever I’m looking at someone else’s list of favorites. With that said, here is my list of 9 affordable favorite summer products*.

*It also must be noted that, unless I state otherwise, I am not being paid nor am I sponsored by any of the companies that manufacture these products. Only one of the links provided in this post is an actual affiliate link – all of the other links are simply there for your courtesy and convenience!

lemonlemon, lemonlemon sparkling lemonade, sparkling lemonade, peach lemonade, peach sparkling lemonade, lemonlemon

1.  Favorite Summer Drink: Lemon Lemon Sparkling Lemonade

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you will know about my obsession with this drink. I have been on a lemonade kick all summer, and Lemon Lemon’s product is my absolute favorite. I love the sparkling aspect of the drink and how it adds a little carbonation to a usually flat drink. The peach flavor, in my personal opinion, is the best one. It’s amazing to drink alone, but I have also found that it is also great in a mixed drink. For any adults of legal drinking age reading this, I have found that my new favorite drink mixture is the peach Lemon Lemon mixed with some tequila blanco. It’s also great with vodka, in case you aren’t as fond of tequila as I am.

Where to buy: the Lemon Lemon website has a store locator, however I’ve tended to have the best luck finding it at my local Target for around $4 whenever I need to restock.

coconut oil, upspring, upspring coconut oil

2. Favorite Summer Skincare: UpSpring Coconut Oil

Yes, I am admittedly very late to the coconut oil party, and I know that this is not a groundbreaking addition to my list. However, I am very glad to have finally joined the party because this stuff is magic. Seriously! As a person who tends to get the craziest, and most inconvenient, sunburns – coconut oil has been my savior this summer. And yes, this particular brand/formula of coconut oil can be found in the baby aisle, which made it all the more appealing for me to use with my sensitive skin. This specific coconut oil not only helped heal a couple of sunburns I had earlier this summer (always double-check the spf on your sunscreen, y’all!), but it also helped to prevent my skin from peeling afterwards – therefore allowing me to maintaining my resulting tan. Suffice it to say, I am officially aboard the coconut oil train.

Where to buy: in my opinion, the best deal for this product has been, once again, at Target for $9.99 – especially if you have Target’s cartwheel app because you can almost always get an extra 20% (or more) off by using it!

everything everything, nicola yoon, everything everything book

3. Favorite Summer Read: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

I have a blog post coming up soon where I talk about all of the books I’ve read so far this year where I will go more in-depth about my thoughts on this book. However, I couldn’t resist including it in my list of summer faves because I loved it so much. I hadn’t read Y.A. in a long time, and this was such a nice way to delve back into that world. If you want an easy summer read, whether you find yourself at the beach or elsewhere, then I highly recommend this book. It also must be noted that the film adaptation released back in May was also amazing and completely did the book justice.

Where to buy: basically anywhere that sells books. I got my copy on Amazon for $8, but if you’re not as fond of ordering books online as I am, your local bookstore more than likely has copies in stock.

bath & body works, bath and body works, suntan candle, shades of summer candle, three-wick candle, bath and body works suntan candle, summer candle

4. Favorite Summer Candle: Bath & Body Works Suntan Three-Wick Candle

I don’t know about you, but the smell of sunscreen is one of the most nostalgic smells for me. It instantly takes me back to the days of daily trips to the nearest beach and our neighborhood pool, and the blue Coppertone bottle that my mom would, without fail, have at least two bottles of in her giant 90s fish print beach bag. This candle smells exactly like that sunscreen, and I am obsessed. Its fragrance notes of orange blossoms, “bright citrus”, and coconut husk combine together to create this magical scent that smells exactly like what the candle is called – suntan. This might be my favorite purchase this summer, and I fully plan to buy it in bulk when it comes out again next summer at Bath & Body Works (assuming that they will re-release it). As it is, I bought the candle pictured above brand new on eBay because it was sold out everywhere in stores and online via Bath & Body Works when I went to buy another one.

Where to buy: as I said above, it’s essentially sold out everywhere via Bath & Body Works stores and their website at the time of this post. However, if you do enough digging and googling, you will be able to score your own suntan candle (for close to the same price you’d get it originally) through sites such as this eBay shop.

mikasa, mikasa beauty, lemon drop sponge, beauty applicator, mikasa lemon drop, mikasa sponge, mikasa makeup

5. Favorite Summer Beauty Applicator: Mikasa Beauty ‘Lemon Drop’ Sponge

Full disclosure, I am a beauty affiliate for Mikasa Beauty. Therefore, if you do indeed choose to use the discount code that I’ll provide in this post, I will make a small profit from it. With that said, I would be a fan of this sponge even if I wasn’t an affiliate. This sponge is so soft, easy to use and, even more important, so easy to clean. I have been religiously using this sponge since the day I got it in the mail. Not only do I love the fact that it’s my favorite color, it’s incredibly comfortable to hold and use to blend and apply my face makeup. In addition to the lemon drop sponge, I also have several of Mikasa Beauty’s makeup brushes and they’re great. They’re so, so soft, and perfect to use for blending eye shadow, highlighter, blush, etc. Despite my potential bias, I do highly recommend their products, and I wouldn’t have chosen to be an affiliate if I didn’t think that they were good.

Where to buy: Mikasa Beauty’s website for $11, and you can use my code ALISONLEIGH25 to get an additional 25% off your total purchase of Mikasa Beauty products!

bath and body works, bath & body works, endless weekend, bath & body works endless weekend, bath and body works endless weekend, endless weekend shower gel, endless weekend body lotion

6. Favorite Summer Scent: Bath & Body Works’ Endless Weekend

This Bath & Body Works scent has been a favorite of mine for two years now, as I used it religiously last summer as well. I loved it so much last summer that I made sure to stock up on it in case it didn’t get re-released this summer. Thankfully, it became a customer favorite and Bath & Body Works did indeed make it available again this year. The scent is made up of notes of “fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia, and coconut water”. It smells fresh and sweet, without being too sweet – which I love because while I enjoy the smell of coconut, I sometimes find it to be too strong to be an everyday scent. I’ve gifted the shower gel and body cream of this smell to a couple other people and they loved it as much as I do. I also have the wallflower fragrance of this, and it makes my room smell amazing.

Where to buy: given that Bath & Body Works is currently actively promoting their fall scents, not every type of product with this scent is currently available, but you can still buy the travel-size versions of it on their site here. If you’re looking for the full-size versions and other variations, a quick Google search will lead you to those., bando, duffle bag, getaway duffle, bando getaway duffle bag, bando duffle

7. Favorite Summer Overnight Bag: Getaway Duffle Bag

This bag is so gorgeous and big. The picture above doesn’t even do the size of this bag proper justice because I took it right after I got it in the mail, so it doesn’t show just how much it can hold. Anyone who’s ever shopped on before knows how lovely their products are, and this is my favorite thing I’ve ever bought from them. I bought it with the intention of needing a new overnight, duffle-sized bag, and I was pleasantly surprised with how big this bag is. It can more than fit everything I’d need for a weekend trip and then some – I’d probably be able to finagle using it for a week’s trip if I wanted to. It’s bright, pretty, and incredibly spacious, and also fairly affordable (I got it for $41 on sale).

Where to buy: right here on’s website.

bath & body works, bath and body works, aromatherapy, sleep spray, sleep pillow spray, bath and body works aromatherapy, bath & body works aromatherapy, bath & body works sleep spray, bath and body works sleep

8. Favorite Summer Sleep Aid: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist

At this point, I know it seems like I am Bath & Body Works biggest fan, but I am completely okay with that. This stuff right here is pure magic. As someone who is insomnia-prone, especially on hot summer nights, this pillow spray from B&BW’s Aromatherapy collection is my ultimate vice. A couple spritzes of this onto my pillow at night before I go to sleep is enough to help lull me into a deep sleep. The slightly musky and sweet mix of lavender and chamomile is, by far, now one of my most favorite scents because I can associate it with one of my favorite activities – sleep. Bath & Body Works also apparently has this product with lavender vanilla scent, which works out for anyone who isn’t fond of chamomile. I, personally, swear by the magical effects of chamomile, which makes me partial. This pillow mist is also great because a little goes a long way. I’ve had it since the middle of last year and I still have a good amount left in the bottle!

Where to buy: sadly, I’ve noticed that B&BW doesn’t sell the pillow spray of this scent anymore, however, they do still carry other products with the same smell. If you are really just interested in the pillow mist, I found this other website that carries it for $16 a bottle (decent price because, like I said, a little goes a long way).

cut to the feeling, carly rae jepsen, cut to the feeling by carly rae jepsen, summer playlist, summer 2017 playlist, iphone 7

9. Favorite Summer Song: “Cut to the Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepsen

This song is undeniably amazing. It is such a bop, that I really cannot resist turning it up to full volume whenever it comes on in the car. It’s 3 minutes and 28 seconds full of pure joy. My dear chummy, Meaghan, and I once caught ourselves literally listening to it on repeat for close to an hour in the car without realizing it – it’s that good. I am a big fan of authentically great pop music, and this one is definitely a forever fave. In my honest opinion, you more than get your $1.29 worth out of this catchy summer 2017 anthem.

Where to buy: right here on iTunes, obviously, if you’re looking to own this historical piece of music. You can also listen for free on my Summer ’17 Spotify playlist!

So, that’s it for my list of affordable summer faves! Comment below with your own favorite summer essentials if you’d like. Hope you’ve all had/are still having a great summer!

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